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Services Offered

Convenient and Accessible Online Services
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Individual Therapy

Individual sessions are tailored to fit your unique goals, cultivating harmony and connection with mind, body, community, and spirit using a strengths based approach. Thorough clinical assessments in partnership with you are provided to help build understanding and maintain successful support in formulating an appropriate and effective treatment plan to help you feel better. 

Holding Hands

Young Adult Support

From transition to college, to learning how to manage growing responsibilities and career choices, to dating during these unprecedented times, Wanda can help. In Individual sessions, you will find specialized support to keep you grounded and secure in your visions for your best life in a compassionate and dynamic space. Ask Wanda about her  webinars and workshops or check out Young Adult offerings here.

Family at a Beach

Family Therapy

We will come together to explore how your family is currently relating to one another, and identify some of the ways in which your family can improve communication, while modeling and applying compassionate curiosity, validation, accountability, and positive problem solving. During this rewarding process your family can experience an increased sense of trust in one another and experience deep healing.

Couple's Shadow

Couples Counseling

We will focus on improving communication and cultivating compassionate curiosity to nurture and develop you and your partner’s validation skills in whatever stage of the relationship, paving the path toward setting common goals. 

Baby Holding Parent

Parent Coaching

We will identify the ways in which you can better tune into your unique relationship with your child, and together we will develop an individualized set of skills that makes sense for your parenting style. Your parental values, communication styles, and personalities will be drawn upon as strengths that we can build upon in helping you find the most effective ways of relating to and parenting your child.

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Teen Counseling

There is a place just for you in our sessions, where you can think out loud, be heard, and continue to cultivate and fine tune your voice. Together will explore the best ways for you to be heard, acknowledged and supported while experiencing a non judgemental, emotionally safe and warm therapeutic environment.

Please email or call to inquire about your emotional wellness investment as it pertains to
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