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Speak Your Peace: Rising above Divisiveness. In this dynamic and experiential Webinar you will learn and practice emotionally grounding techniques in the context of hope and faith and wisdom through the ages. Using these techniques you will receive tools to help you communicate effectively as you face the daily challenges of living in an increasingly emotionally charged, highly politicized and divisive world.  Contact Wanda for more information and to register.

On a Video Call

Moving with Stillness: A Grounding Workshop Series  for Children In this 90 minute 3 part workshop series, your child will learn the art of staying actively engaged in the present, while tuning in and increasing their attention span and focus.


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Past Events

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Mommying is Hard Webinar

Tuning in and Holding the Line: A Skills based workshop on grounding yourself as you parent during uncertain times


In this session you will learn how to maintain emotionally healthy boundaries, receive practical tips on staying grounding while parenting, and practice dialectical behavioral skills to effectively parent peacefully while modeling mastery over emotions for your children in the face of environmental stress. These skills serve to validate the child and parent; helping to shed perfectionistic pressures while honoring the role of parents as essential teachers of values, boundaries, and important lessons on living in community as an authentic individual.

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